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LatestPosted by graham Tue, January 07, 2014 23:05:54
Authentic and Recent client (November/december 2013) based in the heart of Devon

I have recently been treated by Penelope for very painful chilblains that I have been suffering with every winter for the past few years. After talking with Penelope she felt an old back injury from a horse fall was the cause of the problem.

My reaction after the very first remedy was dramatic as all symptons became very intense. I stood outside on a freezing November's day with barefeet on a cold metal stand at a Rugby match for 3 hours, whilst others wrapped up in thermals. Feet so hot and painful I was unable to put them in shoes.

After this, symptons calmed down and following a months treatment I have been amazed at the results. My chilblains have disappeared and generally I feel energised, healthy and pain free. I would certainly recommend Penelope's practice.